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Ravicious's News

Posted by Ravicious - June 1st, 2012

After many years of learning flash and acquiring the concept of making GOOD music, I figured I'd release something worthwhile in the near future. Albeit I've had a few haters coming in every now and then (who hasn't?) I remain hopeful knowing more people enjoy my work than despise it. I've been here long enough and the ideas have since been pouring out of my brain like an open wound. It's high time I submit something to really rock Newgrounds to its core.


Posted by Ravicious - April 16th, 2010


Posted by Ravicious - April 2nd, 2010

I have a girlfriend. Mkay? Thanks! Bye!

Posted by Ravicious - March 17th, 2010

Is palindrome...

Posted by Ravicious - March 17th, 2010

Yeah, some major dick-wad who has an unhealthy grudge against me decided to vote all my work to zero.

Posted by Ravicious - February 9th, 2010

Bound to see a new cartoon emerge into the Newgrounds portal as soon as I get my new laptop. Tacocat is coming to solve everyone's problems... sort of. PM me for more info.

Posted by Ravicious - June 16th, 2009

Right now a friend of mine has come up with a spectacular idea for our own spin-off of Nightmare Before Christmas. We call it, "Prince of Terror." The storyboard is underway at the moment and you can expect to see the trailer within a few months.

Posted by Ravicious - February 2nd, 2009

From my understanding 90% of the Newgrounds demographic consists of premature, annoying little twats who think they're adults just because their mothers let them watch Family Guy past their bedtimes. How many of them created any submissions that were worthwhile? 0. How many of them created submissions at all? 0.00001% of them perhaps.

If there's anything that pisses me off most about these babbling idiots are their "You've wasted my time!" comments. Even if they're referring to a crappy submission, it still irks me. That exhausted quote, usually uttered by unemployed ivory-tower dolts, is complete bullshit no matter how you attempt to justify it.

Why is that?

First of all, unless the said artist bothered you to look at the submission, NO ONE asked you to watch it.

Second, NO ONE is responsible for the shit YOU looked up.

Third, NO ONE gives two fucks about the opinion of some twat kid who has accomplished nothing to attribute or establish redress thereof their pitiful existence. In lam en's terms, unless you submit something to Newgrounds and actually make yourself a prominent member, your opinion doesn't matter and you're not as cool as you think you are.

Think twice before ever setting your fingers on the keyboard.

Posted by Ravicious - June 30th, 2008

It has been over a year since I've last submitted anything to the Audio Portal. I have been cleaning up my act with regards to the gritty quality of my music. Nonetheless, you can expect some more tunes to be popping up within the next few weeks. I have a lot of time on my hands, I need to use it to my advantage...

Posted by Ravicious - December 22nd, 2007

That is all.