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Somewhat uncomfortable but the humor seems to allude to Chris-Chan's Sonic artwork -- for that, I found this quite amusing. I also enjoyed the parody poking fun at the new Sonic games near the end. I thought it was spot-on overall.

It's difficult to tell who the monsters really are. The exhibitions appear to be somewhat human yet they are far too deformed. This flash has a polarizing effect that is thought-provoking and visually amazing while being equally disturbing at the same time. I really enjoyed this!

I don't even know what that was but it almost killed me. I... I can't breathe... I think I'm crying. Haven't had a good laugh in awhile.

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What can I say? First, the music... it's perfect! It's a bit like Sonic the Hedgehog, but better. The graphics are spot-on, pixel perfect. The tutorial and title level were very innovative, creative, and easy to understand. I also love the powerups and special effects. Overall, it's a wonderful game and I intend to play it a great deal more once I am done with a few chores... I LOVE IT!

Eh, I expected more to be honest. Dodging bullets and looking for gold is okay but it gets repetitive. I was promised large bosses and assumed there would be enemies and other essential elements for a good Shmup. It definitely needs improvement.

Good but not great.

I love the retro feel in this game. I'm quite impressed with the effects and the creativity of the levels. However... I find myself spawning right where the enemies are which allows for a cheap death. I think implementing temporary invincibility upon spawning would greatly improve the gameplay.

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This has always been one of my most favorites. It reminds me of the very essence of Newgrounds.com and really takes me back to those earlier times. It's about as close to perfection that a video game song can get.


I am very fond of this song. I love the pads and the slow escalation to harder beats. The energetic rhythm gets my head bobbing uncontrollably. Great work!

I just love the feel of it.

The sound of this tune is electrifying, slowly rising up my spine and smoothly dropping back down. It made the hairs on my back stand still. I really enjoy the instruments and slow rising guitar sounds. It is very consistent... great work!

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Why the hell would they hate it when you draw in public!? This is excellent! This makes me think of all the children the clown may have eaten and their writhing corpses are coming to life, sticking out of the gaping hole in his gut. There's a very organic function in your designs like the horns that could very well represent red hair and the red facial discoloration as the make-up. I really enjoy the great level of creativity and consistency in your work. Screw the people who find your artwork disruptive to their pointless texting sessions. I love it, hands down this is a great piece!

Sherbalex responds:

'pointless texting sessions' hahahah its so true

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